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Hi, my name is Beisbolito.  I was the mascot of the Cuban Sugar Kings, a Triple A farm team that was destined to become the first baseball team outside the U.S. to join the major leagues.  However, Castro came and like million son other Cubans, we lost it all.

What a challenge! Start allover again.  Since childhood I dreamed of getting to the major leagues.  However, I made up my mind to never, never, never quit.  My dream now is to support you or anyone who sees my vision to maximize his or her own potential.  Let me tell you how I can do it.

The Cuban Sugar King Foundation created the league, which is a non- profit organization whose goal is to help children throughout the greater city of Miami by providing them a fun and safe environment to play the great game of Baseball. The Cuban Sugar King Baseball League is designed for player’s ages 4-8 years old and is made up of teams across the Miami area. For more information about joining our league please click on the Team Registration tab at the top of the page.