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Reds Out Defend Cardinals

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The Reds beats the Cardinals 21-10 Saturday to improve to a 7-4-1 record for the season. Usually its the bats that power the Reds to victory but in this game it was the gloves. Andrew Feigelson played a stellar first base but it was his diving catch in foul territory that had everyone on their feet. Pedro Zaragoza had an unassisted triple play and Axel Aubi made 4 plays at pitcher and a nice fly ball catch to silence the Cardinals bats. With this win the Reds have now find themselves tied for first place with the Mets.

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Reds upset first place Pirates

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It was a close game but the Red pulled off a 19-16 victory over the pirates. Coming into the game the Pirates had a 2-0 record against the reds. The reds improve to a 5-3 record, while the Pirates fall to 6-2 for the season. Leading the reds were the bats of Tread Sturkie and Hunter Cohen who each had 1 home run and 3 rbi’s. Jeffrey Tong added 4 hits and 3 rbi’s and scored 4 runs as well. The Pirates fought back in the 4th inning scoring 6 to take the lead but fell short in their comeback. Leading the way was Shane Cominsky who hit for the cycle and had 3 Rbi’s.

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Mets bats to much for Cardinals.

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The Mets improved to 4-4 for the season as they defeated the Cardinals 16-14. The bats were hot the whole game for the Mets scoring 16 runs in 3 innings. Jacob Pozo and Ashton Adair each had 3 Home Runs and batted in 5 each!!! For the Cardinals Aden Moscowicz went 3-4 with 2 rbi’s and 2 doubles and Enzo Haley added 3 runs and 3 hits to fire the comeback before falling short. The Mets play the Reds next week. While the Cardinals take on the Pirates.

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Play of The Week 4/12/2017

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This is the play of the week for 4/12/2017. Amazing catch and throw at the plate play for Jonny Sport.

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Baseball Pro Tips

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Batting Tips from Elite Hitters

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